Session plan

We will always begin with an “Initial Consultation” of 1 hour, which will not include treatment but will ensure we are set up well for the sessions that follow

For most conditions, we will follow my standard session plan which entails around 8-12 weekly sessions together, each session being around 50 minutes long.  You can usually expect treatment to be complete within 3 months and I can assure you that you will see an improvement in your situation much sooner.  

For some conditions there will be variations, for example, treatment for a specific phobia may involve only 3 treatments and smoking cessation involves just one double appointment.

How and When We Will Meet to Work Together

We will schedule our sessions at times which are mutually convenient.  Ideally these will be weekly - as treatment draws to a conclusion we may make the last couple of sessions fortnightly.

Hypnotherapy is just as effective via telephone or video conferencing software. This is currently my preferred approach as it ensures we are not at any risk arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Remote delivery gives so much flexibility and can be provided to you safely and securely in the comfort of your own home without the need for any special equipment.

What you Need to do to make sessions effective

Please do ensure that for each and every session you have a space where you can separate yourself both physically and psychologically, from your responsibilities.  You will need a quiet space within your home where you can give our session your full attention  so that we can work effectively together on improving your situation.

The space where you chose to conduct our sessions will need to have good WiFi and to be somewhere you can relax in a comfortable chair or bed for the trance that will form part of our regular sessions.

The Therapy Room & Facilities

The therapy room is a converted bedroom in my family home in the north of Romsey town.  It is a welcoming and relaxing space where we will be able to work effectively during our time together.  We have a guest toilet that you can access should you need it.  There is typically plenty of parking available on the road outside the property.

Other members of my family may be in the property at the same time as your appointment.  You should also be aware that our dog may put in an appearance.  She is a friendly and gentle dog.  If you have any concerns about her being here do let me know and I will see if I can arrange for her to be out at the time of your appointment.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

I use a type of hypnotherapy called Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. You can find out out more about this here.

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